Tips for Students to Find Volunteer Opportunities with International Health Organizations

1) Use the IMVA list of organizations, it includes lots of opportunities for students. Some of the orgaizations listed will take students even though their profiles don't specifically say so. A good way to cover alot of ground quickly is to compose a brief email profile of yourself, and send it to at least ten or twenty organizations. Send out a lot of request, because you are likely to receive fewer affirmative responses than you send out. Contact organizations which don't have email by phone, fax or mail.

2) Check out the Guides to Voluntary International Service for additional leads.

3) Post yourself on the IMVA Volunteer Registry so that organizations can contact you.

4) High school, college and medical students may wants to contact Amigos de las Americas about their excellent programs.

5) Medical students and residents should try to find an International Health Medical Education Consortium IHMEC representative at their school for help. You might also contact organizations like the IFMSA-USA (International Federation of Medical Students' Associations) and American Medical Student Association AMSA .